SEMSEO 2015 – “The Original”

The SEMSEO – our conference for search engine optimization and search engine marketing, will take place on May 7th and 8th 2015.

It’s the 9th time the oldest SEO conference in Germany will open it’s doors and bring with it a wholly new and fresh approach.

Many national experts will discuss industry trend topics like conversion rate optimization, link building and SEO, as well as the newest social media developments.

We’ll have separate specialized workshops parallel to the congress under the name of “University SEMSEO”, where interested participants can work on various subjects in small groups under the guidance of online experts.

In our press releases you can find all relevant information about the SEMSEO.

We look forward to your visit!

 SEMSEO 2014: ConferenceSEMSEO 2014: Session with Karl Kratz
 SEMSEO 2014: Online Marketing ExpertsSEMSEO 2014: Jens Fauldrath, Kaspar Szymanski, Fili Wiese and Uwe Tippmann

Tickets for SEMSEO can be ordered directly here.